…in couples and families the reality is
“No one wins unless everyone wins!”



Joy Peterson’s passion and purpose for this book is the summation of her lifetime work with couples and families. The author describes Discovering a Dynamic Marriage as the Navigation Chart or GPS you didn’t get when you said “I do!”

Every relationship has an underlying “contract,” conscious or unconscious.  Couples allow it to be drafted by default precedents set on a foundation of unexamined beliefs, behaviors, expectations and assumptions.

Discovering a Dynamic Marriage is  a voyage across uncharted and unpredictable seas of marriage. Couples draft an agreement intentionally addressing their  needs and based on a thorough knowledge of who they are and what matters to them as individuals and a couple.

Therapists, churches and helping institutions can empower transformation in all important relationships with this innovative approach. Beginning with the couple and the family, the relationship skills mastered will foster success in every arena of a person’s life.

Praise for Discovering a Dynamic Marriage

Discovering a Dynamic Marriage does for couples what The Purpose-Driven Life does for individuals. Now I have two-must read books to give to those in my life I care about.“ — Randall Broad, author It’s an Extraordinary Life – Don’t Miss It
“Ms. Peterson’s years as a Mediator in Family Court give her rare insight into the never-ending tragedy of divorce on couples and children. My best legal advice to couples on the brink of divorce? Don’t call a lawyer until you’ve read this book!” — Ellen Winterbottom, JD
“12 secrets to a loving, lifelong marriage with a best friend and soul mate …Discovering a Dynamic Marriage delivers richly … much more than promised. Read and re-read this book!” — Patrick Snow, Best-selling author of Creating Your Own Destiny and The Affluent Entrepreneur
You don’t stop growing the day you marry. As you change, the relationship must adjust to meet the needs of the individual each of you has become.
You never push the boundaries of your own emotional depths until your relationship demands it of you.
When you acknowledge and eliminate power and control issues from your relationship, you have the skill to turn conflict into communication.